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An online casino bonus is the best way to play effectively and increase your chances of winning big, but they are also a great way to try out the casino So, maximize your potential and choose one of the amazing casino bonuses below!

We Help You Find the Best Casino Bonuses!

By using our website you get the most out of your money when you play online casinos. We browse the market continuously and give you an overview of the best bonuses at online casinos. You can also get exclusive bonuses by following the links from us. Casino bonuses come in different variants, but common to bonuses at online casinos is that they give you more money to play for when you make your first deposits.

Casino Bonus

A casino bonus is like a welcome gift from the casino. When you receive a casino bonus, you have to play at the casino that you have received the casino bonus from. The casino bonuses usually are valid for a certain period, such as the bonus being active for a week or month. We want you to be able to enjoy playing online casinos to the fullest extent. To make sure of that we have put all the best online casino bonuses in one list. 

With our help you can easily find the best online casino bonus. We do not just provide you with an overview of the best casino bonuses on the market, we also give you exclusive casino bonuses. Exclusive bonuses are usually more generous than common casino bonuses. If you like the exclusive bonuses we have to offer, you should check out our top list of the best casino bonus providers. We have been in the industry for a long time now and have gained valuable experience. If you are looking for the latest and greatest online casino bonuses, we have you covered.

The Best Casino Bonuses:

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Get 20 free spins!



Time Needed : 5 minutes

How To Claim a Casino Bonus

  1. Find a good casino bonus

    Look around our website, and especially look at our top lists, and see if you find a casino bonus that looks good to you.

  2. Go to the casino

    When you have found a bonus you think looks good, click on the blue button – “Claim now!”. You will then be taken straight to the casino.

  3. Set up your account

    Follow the instructions on the screen when you get to the casino to set up your account. This usually only takes a few minutes.

  4. Start playing!

    Start using your casino bonus! It is that easy, so what are you waiting for. Go and claim a bonus now!

    Playing with a bonus is often a better way to learn how it all works, than it is to read about it. So go and test a bonus that looks exciting – if you are new then we recommend that you start with a smaller amount.

As you can see, claiming a casino bonus a very easy and only takes a few minutes. So if you are interested in trying an online casino by using a bonus, follow the steps above!

Casino Bonuses Are the Best Tool for Casinos To Get New Players

Attracting players and getting players to stay is a big challenge for all casinos fighting in a market controlled by the players. One way to attract customers is to offer a nice welcome casino bonus. These casino bonuses are the primary reason why some players are able to reliably be profitable. However, the biggest casino bonus is not always the best. To make sure you find the best casino bonus you should always look at our top lists. 

Not using casino bonuses is throwing away money

It’s easy to get too comfortable when playing at online casinos. You may have found a casino five or ten years ago, and you have stayed there because you know it well. However, there is a great risk that you will miss out on great offers and, above all, new casinos that have become established and popular.

Our tip is to try a few different casinos once a year. Bring home some bonuses and get some feeling for how the industry has developed. Nowadays, many casinos niche themselves and the fact that they offer welcome bonuses means that you can get off to a great start on a new adventure with a casino bonus that suits you. 

From our point of view as players’, bonuses are an excellent way to get more out of our money and in that it often gives us free money or free spins. A good bonus can, as said, determine the choice of casino and can make a player a loyal customer. In addition, it is a great way for you to explore a new casino, without spending too much of your own funds in the process.

This Is What You Can Get From A Casino Bonus

There are a number of common casino bonuses that you can get. We have listed them all and given a short explanation of what they are.

Welcome bonus

welcome bonus

A welcome bonus is a bonus you can take advantage of when you open an account with a casino that you have not previously been a member of. You usually get welcome bonuses when you make your first deposits at an online casino. Here we are talking about casino bonuses of between 50-500%, and they can be divided into several steps.

Many new casinos give you bonuses on everything from your first three to five deposits. On top of that, you get a nice bunch of free spins in the welcome offer. As a general rule, it pays to use the welcome offers as long as you have the money for it.

Free Spins

Casino Free Spins

If you have any interest in online gambling, or even gambling in general, you will be aware of slot machines. They are those bright colorful games where you have to get three in a row. Online slots are incredibly popular, therefore it is also popular with free spins and of course online casinos know this. Free spins are sometimes obtained directly upon registration, which makes them a no deposit bonus. More common, however, is that you get free spins when you make a deposit. It is now common to get hundreds of free spins in a welcome offer with quite lenient wagering requirements!

Free spins come in many different variations. Some prefer cash spins that are free spins with no wagering requirements at all. This is, of course, our favorite as we can withdraw the winnings straight away. The drawback is that these free spins usually are of a lower value. Others choose instead to explore a casino with no deposit free spins because, as you hear from the name, no deposit is required. This gives you the chance to try out the online casino and the platform for yourself, without any risk to your own money. Once again, there are drawbacks to these free spins as they usually have a higher wagering requirement. The last type of free spin is the one where you make a deposit, these usually have a higher value and lower wagering requirements, but the drawback is that you have to make a deposit.

Cashback and Top-up Casino Bonuses

cashback bonus

Cashback is one of our absolute favorite bonuses, especially if you have a bad month. The bonus was that you got back some of your losses. How much varied but it could range from 5% to as much as 25%. For example, if you had 25% cashback and lost $1000 one month, this meant that the casino returned $250 to you. You will still have lost money, but you won’t feel as bad for doing it.

Top-up bonuses are the same but reversed. If you play on slot machines, and win $3,000, the casino will add a bonus of $300 on top of your winnings if you have a 10% top-up. It is far from all casinos that offer these bonuses, but it is very beneficial for you as a player whether you get cashback or top-up.

Reload Casino Bonus

Reload bonus

This is a great bonus that is made to reward loyal players, instead of just trying to get new players in the door. This is a form of deposit bonus given by online casinos, but the difference is that a deposit bonus usually comes as a welcome bonus but a reload bonus comes on other deposits instead. These bonuses are usually somewhat lower than the welcome bonuses. They tend to be between 25-100%. Although they are lower than the welcome bonuses, it usually pays to use these bonuses as well. If you are lucky you can get a reload bonus on every deposit!

Reload bonuses can come with special promotions that casinos run. They can also be regular casino bonuses that casinos can have as weekly and regular promotions. For example, Monday reload bonuses or midweek reload bonuses are common, to entice players to play on days that are usually calmer. If the reload bonus is high with a low turnover, it may be a good idea for players to use that casino as their main casino, while using the welcome bonuses on other casinos to increase playtime, and hopefully profit.

VIP Bonus

vip casino bonus

If you have been in the gambling world for long enough, you might have heard about some players getting the legendary VIP treatment. A VIP bonus is just one of the perks that VIPs get. VIPs are not only those that are loyal to a casino, they also gamble for high sums of money every month. 

Story time: When I worked in a live casino I had a great player that sat every day at my blackjack table. He was always talkative and kind, and he also always bet big. He had even taken a break from his work to play blackjack full time, and got a healthy profit every month! Now, this is very rare, and you should never quit your job to gamble, and you should expect to lose money. Suffice to say, he was a VIP player at the casino he used, which gave him random bonuses from day to day, which then increased his chances of winning.

VIPs can have a much better experience where they receive incredible benefits as a thank you for choosing to play at one and the same casino. It could be about recurring bonuses, free spins and other fun things, like merch. For example, a casino bonus could be 100% up to $10,000  with a minimum deposit of $100. For a high roller, the bonus could instead be 100% up to $10,000 with a minimum deposit of $5,000. 

Loyalty Bonus

loyalty casino bonus

You don’t have to bet big to get special treatment, because you can also get rewards as a loyal player who consistently uses the casino. Here, too, free spins and deposit bonuses are common. But you can also look forward to other exciting things like tournaments and competitions where you can win trips and more. The more you play, the better bonuses you get if the casino has a loyalty program.

Reference Bonus

Reference casino bonus

This is simply a bonus you as a player get if you like the casino so much that you choose to recommend it to a friend. Some casinos will give you a referral bonus for this recommendation or referral. It can be anything from cash to bonus money or free spins.

Casino bonus on your phone

Many people today appreciate the freedom that comes with being able to play online casinos wherever they are. This is only possible with mobile casinos that are available for smartphones and tablets. Many players really appreciate receiving a casino bonus from their mobile phone because they can get started in the casino in a good way without having to wait until they get home. All that is needed is a smartphone, or a tablet, and an internet connection. Then you are ready to play casino on the bus, on the toilet or wherever you want. 

The online casino usually provides a well made and up to date app, but you could also just as easily use your phone browser to play at the casino. But, keep in mind that you don’t usually get a special bonus for playing on the casino app instead of in the browser. So don’t go looking for the best mobile casino because you think you are going to get a great bonus, use the casino app for the convenience. 

Important To Know About All Types of Casino Bonuses

Terms and conditions are very important when it comes to casino bonuses. You should make sure that you have read through and that you understand the requirements of each campaign you participate in. If you do not, you can get unpleasant surprises and there is little that is so disappointing as to think that you have won a lot of money and then you can’t withdraw it, just because you did not know the rules. We will go through some of the most common and important points that you should keep in mind when making use of an online casino bonus.

Minimum Deposit

This is the first thing you have to keep in mind to receive your casino bonus. You must deposit a minimum amount stated by the online casino before the bonus offered is unlocked. The casino will normally provide information on the size of the minimum deposit on the website and often also on the promotion page in addition to the terms and conditions page.

Casino Bonus Turnover Requirements

Casino bonus turnover is something that many new players are not aware of, but this is extremely important to have an overview of. You will not get a single penny out of the casino if you do not play through the casino bonus turnover requirements. For example, if you have deposited $100, and have received a 100% bonus on this deposit, you have $200 to play for. Most casinos then require you to play through this entire amount of $200 a certain number of times before you can withdraw your casino bonus.

This turnover requirement is usually between 20-50x, and if it is, for example, 50x. Then you must turn over as much as $5,000 before you are allowed to make a withdrawal of your winnings. We recommend steering away from turnover requirements as high as 50x. You will find out what the special turnover requirements are for each casino if you take the trouble to read the bonus conditions at the casino, or just read our reviews.

If you could just go get some free money and take it out right away then the casino would go bankrupt immediately.

Very few casinos operate with casino bonuses that have no turnover requirements, and if you come across such a casino, we would recommend using their bonuses. You will usually find a wagering requirement on free spins as well. Keep the turnover requirements in mind when winning money with your casino bonus or with your free spins.

Are There Maximum Winnings?

Unfortunately, some casinos have maximum winnings on their bonus offers. This is not something we like at all but sometimes it can be present. For example, an online casino can have a maximum win of $1,000. If you were to win $3,000 on a spin in a slot machine, the casino will only pay $1,000 regardless.

Frequently Asked Questions About Casino Bonuses

Casino bonuses can be difficult to understand. There are usually a lot of different restrictions that make it hard to compare them. Many gamblers are also confused what the casino bonus terms mean. To help you choose the right casino bonus we have put together this list of the most frequently asked questions we have heard.

The best casino bonuses come in the form of free or low-cost gambling money, usually offered as welcome bonuses or loyalty bonuses. When you deposit money at a casino, you’re eligible to receive a bonus, which may be cash or free spins. These casino bonuses are active for a specific amount of time, such as 14 days or 30 days. In addition, it’s not uncommon for casinos to require that you play through your welcome bonus a number of times before claiming any winnings. This means that the best bonuses need to keep the wagering requirements low, and the bonus time long, so that you can win money with the bonus.

Free casino bonuses are a great way to try out a new casino and find your favorite games. This means that you, as a new player, can learn about different games and how they work without putting any money on the line.

Keep in mind that free casino bonuses are usually lower value than other bonuses. So they are best when you are deciding between different casinos, or, as we mentioned, wish to learn about the different casino games.

If you decide that you would like to use the casino to actually play with real money, then it’s important to make sure that the terms and conditions of the bonus allow you to withdraw your winnings without to much of a hassle.

It is usually very easy, just look at our top list in our page of “no deposit bonuses” to see what the best casinos are that offer free bonuses. Then you just have to click on the button “Claim Now!” and follow the instructions on the screen.

You can get free money on online slots if you use your free spins. It is harder to win money when using them, but it is definitely possible, and we encourage you to use them.

If the casino is legitimate and legal, then the casino bonus will also be legal. Most governments does not impose limits on what kind of bonuses casinos may give and leave it up to the casino do decide. However, some countries will impose limits, and casinos targeting that country will have to limit their bonuses to stay legal.

Usually it is new casinos that offer the best bonuses. This is because they need to do more to attract new players compared to established casinos. However, the casino that gives the best bonuses changes from week to week. So, if you are interested in finding the best bonus, we recommend you look at our top list that we update as often as possible.

The best way to get the most out of a casino bonus is to play games you are familiar with, and that you already have a strategy for. You should use that strategy together with the casino bonus to increase your bankroll and minimize your losses when you play the games.

How much cash you can get as a bonus depends on what casino you sign up with. But we recommend to not only look at how much money you get, but also to look deeper into the terms and conditions of the casino bonus. It is quite common that some bonuses are worse than others even if the bonus is a higher amount in cash.

You can get a free bonus if you are loosing money. Usually the bonus is in the form of a cashback bonus. That means that if you have lost, for example, $100 one month, then the cashback bonus will give you back a percentage of that. 25% back is common, which means that the casino will give you $25 at the end of the month.

Other Restrictions to Casino Bonuses

The vast majority of online casinos limit the way you can meet the turnover requirements in two ways; bet size and the games you are allowed to play. A limit on bet size is actually quite straight forward and will typically only allow you to make deposits of up to a certain amount of dollars while you meet the wagering requirements, but there are also rules against only playing games with high payback percentage.

For example, you can not go to the roulette table and bet on red and black to play through your bonus. It will definitely not be allowed and your extra money will be removed by the casino if you are doing this. Some slot games also have an incredibly high payback percentage, up to 98% in some cases. These games will also not be allowed. 

Should You Use Your Casino Bonus?

This might seem like an inane question, of course you will want to use your bonus, it is free money! But the answer is not as straightforward as that. Whether you will take the casino bonus or not, you have to decide for yourself, of course. If you want to play because you enjoy it, or you want to increase your chances of winning by getting more money to play with and are looking for big wins and jackpots, we recommend using the casino bonus, because in this case the wagering requirements do not matter. However, we recommend that you choose to skip the casino bonus if you want to play online casino with your own money, and withdraw your winnings at any time.

The Best Tips and Tricks To Unlock Your Casino Bonuses

You should not gamble for more money than you are willing to lose

The best tip we have for you when it comes to casino bonuses is to look at how many times you have to wager the amount, and whether it is reasonable, or even possible, that you will meet the criteria. It could also be good to get to know yourself so that you know if you would feel pressured to gamble more if you use that casino bonus. Gambling, or any other thing you do in your free time, should always be for fun. The common proverb “you should not gamble for more money than you are willing to lose” is not only cliché, it is also a great phrase to follow when you gamble online. We try to explain as clearly as possible which bonuses are worth it, and which are not, but remember that if the bonus is very large, it is most likely related to unreasonable wagering requirements that you won’t meet.

That is why you should carefully read the terms and conditions, and avoid being drawn in by texts that say “1000 free spins” if it has extremely strict terms and conditions. But, with that said, we believe that you should always use your bonus to the fullest, especially if it is a bonus without a deposit requirement, if you already decided that you want to gamble. Therefore, when you use your bonus, be smart and stick to your strategy, and you might meet the wager requirements and get a lot of free money. In the worst case you spent less money and got more enjoyment out of it.

Note that at many online casinos you first play with your own money, and you will only start using the bonus if you run out of your own money first. This can be a problem if the casino matches your deposit up to a large amount of dollars, and you have a losing streak. Then you may wish to withdraw your funds, only to find out that you are unable to withdraw any of it, as it is only bonus money left with a high wager requirement. 

Our last tip is to always put a limit on yourself to never gamble for more than x amount of dollars every day. It does not matter if you are on a winning streak, or a losing streak, if you reach that limit you should stop. This ensures that you never lose more money than you expected, and if you are on a winning streak you won’t risk gambling away the winnings while you are on a victory high.