No Deposit Casino Bonus USA

no deposit casino bonus is by far the most popular and well liked casino bonus in America. A no deposit casino bonus is a bonus you will receive when you register a new account at an online casino. To receive the bonus, you do not need to make a deposit. Casinos will often use no-deposit bonuses to convince players to play at their casino which can make it difficult to choose, therefore we have listed all the best no deposit bonuses and all the information regarding these bonuses.

What is a no deposit casino bonus?

No deposit casino bonuses are offered as a means of introducing new players to the online casino. It is also a way for experienced casino gamblers to earn some extra money. Most casinos offer no deposit bonuses because they want to encourage people to stay at their sites. These casinos have to maintain a healthy customer base in order to survive. People who enjoy their online casino experience will generally try to spend money at their favorite casino whenever they can. The casinos therefore offer free cash or free spins to encourage people to try their casinos.

This bonus is a way to get something for free without a deposit

No Deposit Bonus

A no deposit bonus is usually given in connection with a new customer creating an account with a gambling company. And just as it sounds, this bonus is a way to get something for free without a deposit. It can be, for example, a free bet, free spins or pure money. Free money with no deposit required is of course an extremely popular bonus in casinos, but the gambling companies do not want to hand out money without getting something for it.

Thus, no deposit casino bonuses usually come with stricter terms and conditions. In cases where it exists, the sum can be low and the turnover requirements for any profit can be high. 

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The Best Casinos With No Deposit Bonuses

Different types of no deposit bonuses

You can find no deposit bonuses at any type of gambling website, but they are much more common at casino sites compared to betting sites. That is because the most common types of no deposit bonuses are free spins, which almost every casino gives new players. Although free spin bonuses are the most common, there are other no deposit bonuses that we will go through here.

No Deposit Bonus Free Spins

No Deposit Free spins

As we mentioned, free spins are the most common form of no deposit bonuses that gaming companies offer to their new customers. Free spins, like the rest of the no deposit bonuses, are exactly what they sound like, free spins on one or more of the casino’s slot games. Free spins are usually awarded to the most popular slot machines. The value of each spin varies between each free spin offer. Winnings that you receive from free spins in most cases have a wagering requirement, and in some cases a limit on how much you can win on any single spin.

Free Games

A free casino game is another common form of no deposit bonus. This free game offers new players a starting bonus amount to play for within a certain period. When the period is over, you are allowed to keep all winnings as you did on your bonus. The typical free play bonus with no deposit usually lasts between 30 and 60 minutes, but can also last up to 24 hours. For this kind of bonus it is good if you already know what you want to play, and have a strategy you want to use.

Free no deposit bonus games
Free no deposit bonus money

Bonus Money

The third and final no deposit bonus we are going to mention is bonus money. As with the other bonuses, it is exactly what it sounds like. You get a small amount of money that you can gamble with, without making a deposit. Free money without deposit has wagering requirements that must be met and in some cases even a ceiling on the maximum cash-out amount. You also need a healthy dose of luck to get any significant wins with such a small amount of money, but anything is possible when it comes to online gambling.

No Deposit Bonuses for Loyal Players

The casinos do not only focus on attracting new players, they also want to reward their loyal players. Therefore, if you are a loyal player at a casino they want to show that they are happy with it, so some casinos give free money or free spins on a regular basis. What also happens is that when an active player does not play for a while, the casino tries to reactivate them by giving a temporary no deposit bonus. 

No Deposit Bonus for Loyal Members

How To Claim a No Deposit Bonus

Estimate Cost : FREE

Time Needed : 5 minutes

It can be easy to imagine that you need to do something special to receive free money or free spins from the casino without making a deposit. But, it is actually very easy! All you have to do is click on any of the buttons on the table above that says “claim bonus”, then just register a free account at the casino of your choice. When you are done, you need to activate it, then you are ready to go. Follow the steps below to claim one of the no deposit bonuses from the table at the top of this page, or under this list.

  1. Select an Offer

    Select an offer you want to receive. It is most common that you receive free spins or free money upon registration.

  2. Claim the No Deposit Bonus

    Click the “Claim bonus” button to open the website of the selected online casino.

  3. Read the Terms and Conditions

    Take a look at the contract and then click on “Register” or “play” to open the registration form.

  4. Register Your Account

    Register your account by leaving some personal information. These details are always required to open an online casino account and claim your no deposit bonus. This way, casinos can prove that you are eligible to play and are older than 18 years.

  5. Activate Your Account

    After submitting your registration form, you will need to activate your online casino account, usually by accepting an email. At some casinos you have to activate your account by filling in a code the casino has written for you.

  6. Log in to Your Account

    Once you have clicked on the link or filled in your code, your account will be active. You can now log in to your account using the details you have set up.

  7. Activate Your No Deposit Bonus

    After logging in, you will be able to see the sign-up or no deposit bonus somewhere in your account. Sometimes you need to activate it to release it.

  8. Use Your No Deposit Bonus!

    Now your no deposit bonus is activated, you will be able to play with free spins or free money. After meeting the requirements, you can even pay out the remaining balance!

Read the terms and conditions

Terms and conditions apply to any bonus you get from an online casino. Always read the terms and conditions before you play and be aware of them. If you do not understand the terms you might be disappointed later. 

If you read the terms and conditions for no deposit bonuses, you will see that in order to be paid out the bonus, you must first wager the bonus a set number of times. For example, if you got 1,000 INR from an online casino with a no deposit bonus, the condition may be that you must wager the amount 20 times before you can withdraw it.

No Deposit Bonus Terms And Conditions

You don’t actually win anything until you do this. Sure, you can see the money in your casino account increase, but you can’t do anything with the money yet. At least not anything outside the online casino. However, once the conditions are met you will be able to withdraw your money and send it to your bank account. There are also usually time limits for how long the bonus is valid. You may for example only have a few weeks to meet the no deposit bonus conditions if you wish to be able to withdraw the bonus.

A good thing to keep in mind is that no deposit bonuses can be given to promote a new casino game. In this example the bonus may only be valid for just that one game. It is also common that certain games may count more towards wagering requirements than other games. This is most common with slot games as some of them have higher or lower payout percentage. You can read in the terms of the bonus what percentage goes towards the wagering requirements.

The Pros and Cons of No Deposit Bonuses

The gaming companies attract new customers in many different ways, and one of their moves is to give players a bonus without depositing any money. Online casinos that give no deposit bonuses are usually confident that they have a good selection of casino games to keep their players engaged. Here we take a few examples of what may be the pros and cons of taking these bonuses.

Why Are No Deposit Bonuses Great?

No Deposit Bonus Benefits

Benefits Of No Deposit Bonuses

There are many benefits when choosing a casino with no deposit bonuses:

Among the benefits is, of course, not having to risk your own money when you start playing at the casino. If you take any of the bonuses that are available without a deposit, you have not spent a penny yourself. 

No deposit bonuses are a good way to test a site for real without having risked money yourself. When using the no deposit bonus you can test the casino platform and its games to see if they are to your liking.

Reasons Not To Use a No Deposit Bonus

No Deposit Bonus Drawbacks

No Deposit Bonus Drawbacks

Just as there are benefits when using a no deposit bonus, there are also a few drawbacks, some of them are:

There are different ways in which the gaming companies’ bonuses are structured, and a rule of thumb is that the more generous the bonus, the stricter the terms are. Read the fine print so you are not fooled in any way. Even if you may not have deposited any money, it can be a little trickier to withdraw the money if there are certain restrictions on turnover and other things. 

Another risk is of course that you get stuck and want to play more and put in more money. Here you know yourself best. If you find it easy to lose control, refrain from such bonuses, which are more of a lure bonus.

Should you use the no deposit bonus?

As we mentioned above, there are some drawbacks to no deposit bonuses. However, the advantages vastly outweigh the drawbacks, with the only serious drawback being that it could lead to gambling problems. And while serious, and you should definitely seek help if you suffer from gambling problems, it is not the fault of the bonus. Therefore we strongly recommend that you take advantage of no deposit bonuses when starting a new account. It is not only free entertainment, but it is also possible to make some money on it. If you are lucky enough to hit a jackpot during your free spins you can enjoy a nice payout while knowing there was no risk. Then, of course, it’s about having discipline not to continue playing unless that is the goal from the beginning, of course.

Important things to know when it comes to no deposit casino bonuses

This lucrative bonus is free money without deposit, but just like with other types of bonuses, a bonus without deposit obviously has rules and conditions. Do not just be blind to the fact that it is a bonus without a deposit, but also keep in mind that there are probably different requirements that you must follow. For this reason, we recommend that you always read the terms and conditions of your bonus so that you can really decide if it is a good bonus or not. Namely, there are several different factors that determine this:

Trusted license

It does not matter how good the bonus is if the gaming company does not have a trusted license. On the one hand, it can be difficult to get the money out and on the other hand, it is not a safe environment to stay in for any player. You simply have no protection.

Turnover requirements

When it comes to wagering requirements for a no deposit casino bonus, the rules differ depending on whether it is a casino bonus or an odds bonus. A wagering requirement means that when you take advantage of a bonus such as a no deposit casino bonus, you have to wager the bonus a certain number of times to withdraw the money.

Maximum cash-out amount with no deposit bonuses

In some cases, the gambling companies have a maximum cash-out amount that you must follow if you use a no deposit bonus. This means that there is a ceiling on how much you can win with the help of your bonus. So if the gaming company has decided on a maximum cash-out amount of ₹1000, this means that you may not win more than ₹1000 with your bonus. Limiting your winning potential may not sound fun, but keep in mind that it is free money, and if you stop here it will be you instead of the house that wins.

No deposit free spins

It is not entirely uncommon for gaming companies to give you free spins in connection with starting your account. If you are lucky, you can win money with those free spins, and if you get them without a deposit, you have the opportunity to play with real money in the casino without having to deposit your own money. The standard is usually that the money can not be withdrawn immediately when you have finished spinning. Be sure to read the fine print of your bonus so you know what applies to your bonus.