Safer Play

What Is Safer Gambling?

Learn the low-risk strategies that can help keep gambling safe and fun.

What Is Safer Gambling?

Take a Safer Approach to Gambling

Gambling too often or playing for the wrong reasons, can lead to experiencing gambling harms.

Tips to Keep Your Gambling Safe

Gaming and Gambling

Learn about the risk factors of video and online social casino gaming.

Tips on How to Game Safer

Sports and Gambling

Sports betting is a form of gambling and as with all forms of gambling, it is essential to take precautions to avoid harm.

Learn more about the various forms of sports betting

Problem Gambling Factors

Find out why some groups are more likely than others to develop a gambling problem.

Who’s at Risk for Problem Gambling?

Teens & Gambling

While teens aren’t permitted to gamble, that doesn’t mean they don’t. Get the facts about teens and gambling so you can spot risky behaviour before it becomes a problem.

Gambling & Teens

Gambling & Young Adults

Find out why 18-24 year olds are at a high risk of developing gambling problems and how to spot the signs.

Young Adults and Gambling

What Parents Can Do

While teens and gambling don’t mix, many are already placing bets at school and buying virtual loot boxes. Find out how to talk to your teenager before they
experience problems with gambling.

How to Talk to Your Kids about Gambling

When Is Gambling a Problem?

Learn to spot the warning signs of a gambling problem before it starts to impact your relationships, work, finances and mental health.

Signs of a gambling problem

Locate a PlaySmart Centre

PlaySmart Centres are your go-to places for facts, tools and advice about gambling. With locations throughout gaming venues across Ontario, there’s one near you.

Locate a PlaySmart Centre near you

Take the Gambling Self-Assessment Quiz

Are you a high-risk gambler? If you’re worried about a gambling problem, take the Gambling Self-Assessment Quiz.


Calculate the Cost of Your Gambling

Is your spending leading to a gambling problem? Calculate the cost of your gambling with our Cost2Play Calculator.

Cost2Play Calculator