About RG Check

The most comprehensive responsible gambling accreditation program in the world.

RG Check was developed by the Responsible Gambling Council, in consultation with policy makers, gambling providers, players and people who have experienced gambling harm.

The RG Check accreditation process helps gambling venues evaluate, monitor and manage all aspects of their RG strategy.

Operators benefit from a complete roadmap to implementing Responsible Gambling standards. Our accreditation program is backed by rigorous safeguards that protect players and fosters a sustainable player base.

RG Check Accreditation is valid for a three-year period, at which point operators may apply for reaccreditation. All accreditations are reviewed by a prestigious and independent panel.

Mission, Goals & Benefits

Our Mission

Our mission is to support the adoption of meaningful responsible gambling initiatives in land-based and online gambling sites through the creation and implementation of measurable evidence-informed standards.

Our Goals

  • Provide evidence-led standards developed by well-respected, independent experts in the field of responsible gambling research and problem gambling prevention
  • Help venues and iGaming sites determine the types of actions they need to take to prevent and minimize the potential harms caused by gambling
  • To increase public confidence in responsible gambling programs

The Benefits

  • Recognizes gambling venues and iGaming sites that have achieved high standards in responsible gambling programs
  • Provides operators with an objective evaluation of their responsible gambling policies and procedures
  • Identifies areas of strength, as well as areas where improvements can be made, in their responsible gambling efforts
  • Provides gambling venues and online gambling sites with effective tools for improving responsible gambling programs and services on an ongoing basis
  • Assures people who gamble that gambling providers take their safety seriously
  • Increases public confidence

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Benefits of working with RG Check


RG Check is a globally recognized brand. An RG Check accreditation is a sign that the operator has the highest level of RG standards built into its offering.


The goal of an RG Check accreditation is to help operators action the highest standards of RG programming. The process is collaborative and scalable.


RG Check is conducted by specialized staff who are assigned who manage all aspects of the process and assessment. Efforts are made to add value at each step and minimize disruption – our team does all the heavy lifting for you. Once complete, our accreditation program is granted for three years.


RG Check is a clear and comprehensive program of responsible gambling evaluation measures. Most importantly, players and the public can be confident that leading responsible gambling measures are in place.

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