How to Talk to Your Kids about Gambling

While teens and gambling don’t mix, many are already placing bets at school and buying virtual loot boxes. Find out how to talk to your teenager before they
experience problems with gambling.

Start a conversation

Choose the Right Time

Initiating conversation during a casual walk, on the couch following a Netflix show, or washing the dishes after a meal are all excellent opportunities to begin the discussion.


When talking about issues, it’s important to actively listen. They will be more receptive to the message if your approach is light and conversational.

Keep it short

Short conversations will drive the message home. Long-winded lectures may have your teen tuning out before you’ve successfully got your message across.

Be relevant

Tailor your conversation to your kids’ interests. For example: If they enjoy playing video games, consider talking about eSports betting. If they like video games, talk to them about loot boxes.

Help your child reduce negative impacts of gambling

  • Talk about the risks posed by non-casino games, like scratch tickets, sports betting, poker, online gambling, and gaming.
  • Tell them about the hidden signs of a problem, like hiding debts, skipping classes or work.
  • Lead by example. Teens learn from their parents. If you talk about responsible gambling and have a plan to protect yourself, they will, too.

Get help for a loved one

Get tips, advice and resources to help a loved one with a gambling problem.

Help a Loved One

Prevention programs for young adults

If you’re a student or young adult, interested in learning more about responsible gambling, attend an education program.

Education Programs for Young Adults

Invite GAME BRAiN to your school

Our GAME BRAiN interactive live performance and digital game makes responsible gambling education fun.

Book a Performance

Find a Treatment Centre

If you think your child may have a problem, you can speak to a qualified professional at a treatment centre near you.

Find a treatment centre