Take Control of Your Gambling Debt

There’s a way out of every problem. Even when it comes to money. Here’s how you
can start to take control.

1. Take responsibility

Contact a credit counselling service, a bankruptcy trustee, and/or make a “proposal to the creditors” and pledge to repay a portion of your outstanding debt. That will not only help with your finances, it will help rebuild your self-esteem.

2. Don’t turn to gambling to solve your financial troubles.

Gambling is not a way to earn money. In fact, you will lose more over time.

3. Get a part-time job if you need to.

It’s a great way to fill your free time and it will keep you from gambling. It may be tough, but in the long run will help with your financial situation.

4. Put someone else in charge.

Put someone else in charge of your ATM or credit cards for now, or destroy them completely.

5. Protect your assets.

Protect your assets by transferring their titles to your spouse or partner’s name.

6. Limit the amount of cash you have access to

  • Have your wages automatically deposited into your bank account
  • Destroy your ATM cards or personal cheque books
  • Remove electronic payment access from your mobile phone
  • Set up bank accounts that require two signatures for withdrawals, rather than just your own
  • Set up daily cash withdrawal limits

7. Seek professional help.

Seek professional help from a problem gambling specialist or credit counsellor.


Credit Canada

It’s important to get your finances in order to prevent going further into debt. A phone call to Canada’s longest-standing not-for-profit credit counselling agency can help you feel more confident about your situation.


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