Learn About Gambling

By the time you reach the age of 18, you actually have a greater chance of developing a gambling problem than an adult – that’s why it’s important to know about gambling risks now.

I Know What Gambling Is. Or Do I?

Gambling can happen anywhere, not just at casinos and racetracks. It happens at sporting events, church halls, and it could even happen in your very own living room. That’s because raffles, fantasy sports and sports betting are all forms of gambling, too.


Here’s a simple way to know if it’s gambling or not: Gambling happens when you play games of chance or skill and risk losing something for the chance to win something else, usually something better or of greater value.

For example, if you place a bet on a soccer game with friends, even if you’re just betting a small amount of money for the chance to win more money … that’s gambling.

Odds Are You’re Confused About Odds

Odds are how many chances there are to lose for every chance there is to win. For example, if 100 people enter a draw, there are 99 chances the winning ticket won’t be theirs (they lose) and one chance that it will be theirs (they win). So, the odds are 99 to 1 (99 chances to lose and 1 chance to win).

Often in gambling, the more chances there are to lose, the bigger the potential win. That can be tricky because people want to play more when the jackpot is bigger, but they might not realize that their odds of winning are smaller.

Some Gambling You’ve Probably Heard Of

I’m Gaming, Not Gambling, Right?

Yes and no. Online gaming is great. You play with your friends, you learn new skills, you get to explore brave new worlds. Just be careful, because online gaming and online gambling can have a lot of similarities.

Think about it. You can do both on your phone or computer, they both have elements of skill and chance, and it’s all very stimulating. And gaming platforms often offer gambling-like elements, like loot boxes. The things you win in a loot box don’t have actual monetary value, but they can be sold or gambled outside the game. And when you pay for a loot box, you don’t know what you’ll get … which is a lot like gambling.

Online gaming has some risks too, like if you play too much and it gets in the way of doing the things you have to do, or you stop spending time with your friends. Keep a time limit in mind when you game, just like people who gamble should do.

Why It’s Good to Think You’ll Lose

Whenever people gamble, there’s always a chance they could win. But there’s a much greater chance that they will lose. So, the best thing a person can do is expect to lose. That way they’re likely to put less at risk. If you decide to gamble when you are legally allowed to do so, it’s best to see gambling as entertainment, not a source of income.


No Such Thing as a Sure Thing

Well actually, there is one sure thing in gambling – the ‘House’, a.k.a. the place you’re placing your bets with, ALWAYS wins in the long run. That’s because they make sure that the odds are in their favour.

No matter what game you choose to play, the odds of the ‘House’ winning your money are always greater than the odds of you winning their money. Why? Because every single game is designed to provide the house with a built-in advantage. But think about it – if they didn’t win more than their customers, they wouldn’t be in business.

Let’s Get Myth-ical

Everyone’s different and everyone can think differently about gambling, but there are some common myths that are widely believed. Remember though, just like the name suggests, these “myths” are stories people tell themselves, not facts.

The Impact of Gambling

What happens when someone gambles? Learn about why someone might choose to gamble and what happens when they do.

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