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Responsible Gambling & Gambling Harm Prevention 

  • From Problem Gambling to Gambling Harms: Moving to a New Framework

    Discovery 2021,
    October 21st, 2021

    Alex Price, PhD, Senior Researcher, RGC

    While RG typically focuses on preventing and responding to problem gambling, it has the potential to do much more. By focusing on gambling harms more broadly, RG initiatives can reach a wider audience, including third parties and communities. Discover how to reduce the negative impacts of gambling across the many dimensions of peoples’ lives.

    Intended for: regulators, operators, RG and treatment professionals globally.

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  • The Emerging Impact of COVID-19 on Gambling

    34th National Conference on Gambling Addiction & Responsible Gambling,
    November 6th, 2020

    Alex Price, PhD, Senior Researcher, RGC

    In Ontario, COVID-19 has had a profound effect on public health and every-day life. In part, this impact has been reflected in the provincial government’s emergency measures declaration on March 17, 2020. These measures have resulted in the restriction of most hospitality and recreation businesses, including in-person gambling facilities, and many non-essential workplaces.

    In order to understand the effects of the pandemic on Ontarian gamblers and make evidence-informed changes and improvements to community outreach and prevention programming, the RGC’s Centre for the Advancement of Best Practices rapidly conceived and implemented a provincial study.

    Intended for: regulators, operators, RG and treatment professionals in the United States.

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  • Beyond PG: RG Prevention Messaging that Anyone Can Use

    34th National Conference on Gambling Addiction & Responsible Gambling, Digital Symposium
    July 21, 2020

    Janine Robinson, Director of CABP, RGC

    Responsible Gambling programs and interventions have an incredible opportunity to stop Problem Gambling before it starts, but many of these initiatives focus exclusively on supporting individuals who have already begun to experience problems with their play. This workshop explored practical ways to talk with players about prevention before they experience harms, using proven RG strategies.

    Attendees learned what staff can do and say when sharing prevention programming, how to provide training and support that empowers staff to have effective prevention-focused interactions with players, and the role that senior executives and board members must play to move beyond compliance and formulate a proactive, preventative RG strategy.

    Intended for: industry professionals, regulators, researchers, and treatment providers

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  • Driving Culture Change through Responsible Gambling Training

    New Horizons 2020
    March 12, 2020

    Janine Robinson, Director of CABP, RGC

    This workshop explored innovative solutions to fill knowledge gaps in the RG sector, and showcased the latest training strategies and communication tools for their implementation. It discussed how to begin a culture shift away from compliance-based programs and towards high value, impact-driven RG.

    Intended for: industry professionals, regulators, researchers, educators, and treatment providers

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  • Continuing our Responsibility in an Era of Mistrust

    2019 Clubs NSW Annual Conference; Clubs ACT
    November 1, 2019

    Janine Robinson, Director of CABP, RGC

    This session outlined characteristics of RG leaders, highlighting leading practices in RG internationally and exploring how first-rate RG programs can build trust and increase social licence to operate. It outlined opportunities for growth and innovation in RG, including enhanced training and reinforcement for staff, targeting appealing and positive RG messaging to a broad range of players, and creating a culture of RG.

    Intended for: Club owners, executives, and employees in Australian jurisdictions

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  • Game Changers: The Evolution of RG Initiatives and Practices for Consumers

    Singapore Symposium on Gambling Regulations
    August 30, 2019

    Shelley White, MA, Chief Executive Officer, RGC

    The presentation highlighted emerging responsible gambling initiatives and practices that are
    having a positive impact on consumer behavior, in Canada, United States, Australia, UK and Asia. There are considerable changes occurring in the responsible gambling landscape given the technology, demographic, economic, political, and social shifts taking place around the world, that are driving change. The presentation provided a holistic perspective looking at both new RG initiatives, as well as adaptations to existing practices. New initiatives include innovative approaches to training, customer engagement, technology solutions, social marketing, market segmentation and measuring impact. Adaptations to accreditation, self-exclusion, the provision of RG information to consumers and youth education are underway as we seek to have greater impact on consumer engagement and behavior. It also looked to the future and offered recommendations for future areas of focus.

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  • A Needs Assessment of Responsible Gambling Manager Education

    Co-presented with Kahlil Philander; 17th International Conference on Gambling and Risk Taking

    May 28, 2019

    Janine Robinson, Director of CABP, RGC

    RG training programs designed to help frontline employees recognize and respond to player warning signs are relatively common in the industry, but more extensive and specialized training for those who design and lead RG programs is needed. This session shared the results of a training needs assessment for RG managers, conducted to fill this gap in the field.

    Intended for: industry professionals, regulators, researchers, and educators

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  • Creating and Implementing Effective Responsible Gambling Measures

    Global Gaming Expo G2E Asia
    May 23, 2019

    Shelley White, MA, Chief Executive Officer, RGC

    Maintaining a responsible gaming programs is an important part of most regulated gaming operations, and savvy companies dedicate a significant amount of time and money to providing these resources to their players. Presentation considered various responsible gaming requirements in use throughout Asia and individual measures RGC offers to address these unique problems. Also, discussion regarding responsible gaming programs being proposed for Japan, using individual experiences and insights to evaluate the effectiveness of and challenges posed by measures like entry levies, visit limits and more.

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  • Implementing Social Safeguarding Measures & RG Messaging: Global Examples

    Japan Gaming Congress
    May 17, 2019

    Shelley White, MA, Chief Executive Officer, RGC

    Responsible gambling occurs through the collective actions and shared responsibility. Presentation focussed on RGC’s programs/products available for the industry and ones that are offered to the public. An overview was provided about RG Check for venues and online.

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  • ROI on RG

    Discovery 2019
    May 8, 2019

    Shelley White, MA, Chief Executive Officer, RGC

    No overall measure can provide a perfect assessment of RG performance, but many of these measures can contribute to a better understanding of the impact of RG programs on players, employees and organizational performance. Presentation discusses several measures, along with their strengths and weaknesses.

    Intended for: operators & regulators

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  • Risk Mitigation Strategies for Lottery

    Discovery 2019
    May 8, 2019

    Sasha Stark PhD, Senior Researcher, RGC

    This presentation outlines the risks of lottery play and outlines mitigation strategies that address the needs of players, retailers, and operators. Recommendations focus on the importance of providing information, tailored training, organizational support, and evaluation.

    Intended for: operators and regulators

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  • Public Policy Issues and Protecting the Public Interest

    Toronto Osgoode Hall Panel Discussion
    November 6, 2018

    Shelley White, MA, Chief Executive Officer, RGC

    Panel discussion on Responsible Gambling with a focus on policies, accreditation, litigation and duty of care. RGC’s presentation focused on RG Check.

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  • The Brave New World of Responsible Gambling

    Responsible Gaming Academy, Vienna
    April 24, 2018

    Shelley White, MA, Chief Executive Officer, RGC

    The gambling landscape is transforming dramatically due to the significant demographic, technological, economic, political, and social changes that are taking place globally. To continue to have an impact, RG policy, programming, and response needs to keep up with the changing profile of gambling. This presentation explores how research can inform the development of evidence-based responsible gambling policies and practices to reduce harms to players, while also reducing risk and enhancing trust for operators. It also examines leading practices that regulators, operators, and non-profit organizations are adopting to prevent problem gambling in this new reality.

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Online Gambling & Sports Betting

  • Collaboration for Supporting Digital Wellbeing & Preventing Online Gambling Harms

    9th Annual GambleAware Conference
    December 8 2021, London, UK

    Sasha Stark PhD, Senior Researcher, RGC

    Intended for: UK and international stakeholders in gambling and other digital entertainment fields.

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  • Online Behaviours, Substance Use, & Intoxicated Gambling among Ontario Gamblers during the COVID-19 Pandemic

    20th Annual Conference of the Alberta Gambling Research Institute
    April 7, 2021, virtual

    Sasha Stark PhD, Senior Researcher, RGC

    A growing body of research suggests various addictive behaviours have increased during COVID-19-precipitated closures and restrictions. Although substance use, online behaviours, and gambling while under the influence are associated with an increased level of gambling risk, little information exists on co-participation and simultaneous use patterns.

    Intended for: Canadian and international researchers and responsible gambling stakeholders.

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  • Public Health Implications of Online Sports Betting in Canada

    Public Health Policy Rounds, Dalla Lana School of Public Health, University of Toronto
    September 2019

    Alex Price PhD, Senior Researcher, RGC

    This presentation provided an overview of sports betting world-wide and examined evidence of key risk factors, such as youth and young adulthood, marketing and advertising, betting features, cultural influence of sport, and substance use. The presentation closes with implications for sports betting legalization in Canada and policy options

    Intended for: graduate students and faculty at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health, stakeholders affiliated with the collaborative program in public health policy at the University of Toronto

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